NeuroSymposium 2020

Virtual Edition

The NeuroSymposium is going virtual. Our goals to promote interactions between the province's young neuroscientists remain intact, and we hope this exceptional edition will maintain some of our traditions as we go through challenging times. We are delighted to be joined by inspiring speakers from different disciplines in neuroscience.

Professor at the Brain and Mind Institute, Western University and best-selling author

Associate Professor at the Département de neurosciences, Université de Montréal

Benjamin Stecher

@Neuronologist1 |

Program Director for the Cincinnati Cohort Biomarker Program, University of Cincinnati, Department of Neurology

The Journey I took that led me to write Brain Fables and to join the Cincinnati Cohort Biomarker Program

Ericka Boone

@DLRDirector |

Director of the NIH Division of Loan Repayment

Imposter Syndrome: Confronting the Career Development Monster Hiding Under the Bed

Barbara Sibbald

@BarbaraSibbald |

Award-winning journalist and author, long-time news editor at the Canadian Medical Association Journal

Daniel Himmelstein

@dhimmel |

Postdoctoral Fellow, Greene Lab, University of Pennsylvania

Daniel's purpose is to make science entirely open for geeks everywhere to enjoy

Mengsen Zhang

(@Mengsen :

Postdoctoral Fellow, Brain Dynamics Lab, Stanford University

Dr. Zhang's PhD work, the Human Firefly Trilogy, shows that intermediate-sized groups allowing people to switch flexibly between partners help maintain diversity and unity.

Samuel Guay

@SamGuay_ | @openlifesci | @OSUMontreal

PhD student, Open Life Science mentee


Dylan Roskams-Edris


Open Science Alliance Officer, Tanenbaum Open Science Institute, The Neuro

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